Improving your sales funnel conversion rates is no child’s play.

But, with the help of right techniques and marketing mediums, you can achieve your business goals over time.

To help you with that, we are here with 11 ways that can boost the conversion rates of your sales funnel.

So, without any further ado, let’s get it!

Here are 11 ways to improve your sales funnel conversion rates.

1.Begin with Blogging

Do you have a product or service to offer? Start writing about anything related to your industry. Keep writing regularly and make sure you produce rich and original content. Make the content as engaging as you can.

2.Focus on Social Networking and Publishing

Social Networks are where modern attention lies. People expect their favourite brands to be available online to solve their problems and answer their queries. Create a solid social media marketing strategy. Social media also helps you grow your website rankings on Search Engines.

3.Try Pay Per Click Campaigns

PPC Campaigns allow the advertisers to reach out to websites for putting up your advertisement on their space. In return, you pay them when someone clicks on your ads!

4.Never Forget Traditional Public Relations

Old is Gold. Never ignore the print publications, TV commercials, offline events and advertising as these can be very effective to boost ROI. Couple this with text marketing and you will hit the jackpot.

5.Improve Your Landing Pages

Have a landing page on your website with one crucial Call to Action. Its purpose should be only to capture your audience attention and persuade them to take an action.

6.Eye-Catching Call to Action

Every page on your website is a salesperson. Make sure the salesperson says the right things when a user is done with reading the content on it. Decide the action you want your website visitor to take and add a clear call to action.

7.Add Forms for Your Visitors

Want more and more subscribers to add to your email list? Add a contact form or comment form on your website. Have an option on the webpage for the visitor to choose to receive your newsletter. Put a simple CTA to complete the form.

8.Email Marketing

Educate. Educate. Educate. Once you have their email id, tell them about your products and services using simple emails. Don’t spam them. Just provide value. Creating an email marketing strategy is a must.

9.Employ Autoresponder Series and Drips

This might be new to a few folks here. Well, drip marketing is about sending pre-written sets of messages to prospects over time through email. The autoresponder series can then take a visitor and move him through the sales funnel and get a conversion.

10.CRM and Sales Integration

You want to track all the customer interaction. To help you do that effectively, we recommend you use CRM or Customer Relationship Management tool. With this you can successfully identify the email campaigns a prospect should get using the world famous method of cookie detection.

11.Start eCommerce Promotion

Customers don’t find their way to your checkout page, you have to work to make them reach there. Use simple techniques like live chat, offer free shipping, etc. to lure them. Create solid email marketing strategies around popular holidays.

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